Review of Kimono Tumbler "華 hana" (h-06)

Kimono Tumbler "華 hana" (h-06)
Kimono Tumbler "華 hana" (h-06)

I am so pleased with all of the tumblers from Asakusa Tatsumiya, Japan! They arrived expertly packed, with boxes and gift bags for each of the four tumblers I purchased. Out of the four I purchased, I will have the most difficult time parting with the hana (h-06) tumbler; it is my favorite! I would absolutely order from Asakusa Tatsumiya again!

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Beautiful Kimono Tumbler

Thank you for purchasing the kimono tumbler.
We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with our products.
Please enjoy your items.

Asakusa Tatsumiya
Asakusa Tatsumiya